How To Find Your Passion

For years, many whispered into my ear about “doing your passion, do what you love, make money with your passion”, which naturally leads to the all important question, “What IS my passion?”

Contrary to some of the recent self-help gurus and self-proclaimed coaches, passion is not uncovered or discovered. It’s not “found”, as if it were somehow lost.

Let me save you some headache. Perhaps these thoughts can shed some light on the matter.

Passion begins with intention.

Intion to

about actualizing a VISION or GOAL. It may not “feel” all that strong… at least not yet.

Your passion begins to find clarity when you can clearly recognize your options.

The rate of progress toward your “success” is determined by how quickly you can choose one from those options and how EMOTIONALLY INVESTED you are to that choice. This is phase 1 of making a decision.

Phase 2 is completed when you have followed up with MASSIVE ACTION in the direction of the Vision. A decision is only made real when acted upon. A choice without action is merely an imagined consideration. This is where some get stuck.

Action need not be perfect; it need not be huge. It only need to be different from the prior action. Executing the same action and expecting different results is insanity (Einstein). Take IMPERFECT action; it trumps inaction any day.

Follow every action with ASSESSMENT, IMPROVEMENT and REVISION. Quantify & measure. That which is measured can be improved. Let resourcefulness inform the next execution. FAILURE is neglecting this step, short-cutting, or simply foregoing it altogether. Abdicating responsbility at this point is true failure. That’s called giving up. Unless you have a good reason for doing so, don’t. Press on.

Progress requires one to be COURAGEOUS, HUMBLE, RESOURCEFUL, RESILIENT, and above all, PATIENT.

“SUCCESS” is when all actions have led to a satisfactory point of fulfilling the requirements for a particular situation or need. Because every action is imperfect, there is always room for growth and improvement. Success is relative; the results may simply be “good enough” for now.

Passion, then, is the growing SELF-CONFIDENCE, DRIVE and SENSE OF PURPOSE one feels as a result of the culmination of these actions and seeing the impact it makes toward your goal and vision. When we say “I’m passionate about __”, what we’re really saying is, “In the past, I’ve made some fulfilling progress toward a vision of __ and I really want to do that more”.

So if you want to “live your passion”, start by making some clear decisions.