Tony Robbins – What Is Life About? (Our Blueprint)

Anthony Robbins

Every one of us has what Tony calls your “blueprint” or “model of the world”. Others have referred to this as your “worldview” or your “paradigm of the world”.

Quite simply, this is your answer to the question, “What is life about for you?

There are as many answers as there are individuals, each with their own life mission and purpose. It could be as simple as “To make more money” or “To own the NY Jets” or to “Brand my last name on the tallest real estate in major cities around the world” or to “Watch every single episode of GoT at least three times”.

Life is okay when one is living consistently with this guiding blueprint. However, when life is incongruent, we experience stress and frustration, upset.

Whether this is good or bad is irrelevant. The more important focus is, where does it come from? What drives it? And is it helpful or not helpful to hold this belief?

In this video, Tony coaches a woman named Barbara, who hopes to take her life to the next level. Unfortunately, like most of us, she still has problems.

Do you feel the problem she has is legitimate? How would you respond if you were her? How could this moment be a significant shift for her?

Watch the video!

Some reflection questions:

  • What is life about for you?
  • How does making life about that benefit you?
  • What problem or frustrations are you experiencing in life?
  • How does your frustration relate to what you think life should be about?
  • What belief about life would be more empowering to you?
  • What is your “emotional home”, your daily default?

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